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Association des collaborateurs de Nicolas Bourbaki

Founding members

The Bourbaki group was formed in 1935. Its founding members were: Henri Cartan, Claude Chevalley, Jean Coulomb, Jean Delsarte, Jean Dieudonné, Charles Ehresmann, René de Possel, Szolem Mandelbrojt, André Weil. The Association des Collaborateurs de Nicolas Bourbaki was created in 1952.

Théories spectrales, chapitres 1 et 2 - Cover

Elements of mathematics

The Elements of Mathematics are published by Springer-Verlag.

In 2019, a new edition of Théories spectrales, chapitres 1 et 2 appeared (English translation in preparation). Table of contents (pdf)

In 2016, a new book appeared: Topologie algébrique, chapters 1 to 4 (English translation in preparation). Table of contents (pdf)

Friday's Séminaire Bourbaki

March, 31 2023

This seminar was created with a thought towards younger mathematicians. Colleagues present the mathematical context of some of the talks of the Sémianire Bourbaki in order to make them more accessible; they may also introduce some tools or further motivations.

The Friday's Bourbaki Seminar takes place at the Institut Henri Poincaré (IHP, Darboux amphitheater), 11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris 5e. — [iCal] [Poster] [Abstract]

RomainTessera — Limites d'actions de groupes sur des espaces hyperboliques
MirnaDžamonja — Les axiomes de forcing
MaximeBourrigan — Homologie de Morse et simplicité de groupes de transformations

Séminaire Bourbaki

The Bourbaki seminar receives support from the CNRS managed by the IHP.

April, 1 2023

The N. Bourbaki Seminar takes place at the Institut Henri Poincaré (IHP, Hermite amphitheater), 11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris 5e. — [iCal] [Poster] [Abstract]

Jonathan Hickman — Pointwise convergence for the Schrödinger equation, after Xiumin Du and Ruixiang Zhang
Matteo Viale — Strong forcing axioms and the continuum problem, following Aspéro's and Schindler's proof that MM + + implies Woodin's Axiom (*)
Clara Löh — Exponential growth rates in hyperbolic groups, after Koji Fujiwara and Zlil Sela
Étienne Ghys — Le groupe des homéomorphismes de la sphère de dimension \(2\) qui respectent l’aire et l’orientation n’est pas un groupe simple, d’après D. Cristofaro-Gardiner, V. Humilière et S. Seyfaddini


Leaflets with the texts prepared by the speakers are printed and distributed at each session. Should you want leaflets of the past sessions, just ask at the front desk at the IHP!

Next sessions

The next session of the Seminars will be on Saturday June, 24 2023.

To receive announcements of the next seminars: send an email message to this address.
You can also follow the calendars available on the Indico portal : Friday's Séminaire Bourbaki and Séminaire Bourbaki (iCalendar format)

Astérisque 422 - Cover

Previous sessions

The links below give access to the abstracts and the video recordings of the most recent sessions.

Session of January 2023

Session of Novembre 2022

Session of June 2022

Recorded talks of the séminaire Bourbaki

You can access here more directly to the previous recorded Bourbaki seminars.

Earlier Texts

List by authors' names of the Bourbaki Seminar lectures (number 1 to 1191).

Volume 2018/2019 of the Bourbaki Seminar (lectures 1151 to 1165) : Astérisque 422 (2020), Société mathématique de France.

Volume 2017/2018 of the Bourbaki Seminar (lectures 1136 to 1150) : Astérisque 414 (2019), Société mathématique de France.

Volumes of the Seminar since its creation.

Texts of the Bourbaki Seminar lectures until 2010  (on Numdam)

Poincaré Seminar

A physics seminar, the Poincaré Séminar, was created in 2001 with the Bourbaki Seminar as model.

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